Spring is here

Summer is all around, the sun is shining and the plants show their brightest colours in glory to our Lord!

We have received general guidance from the Methodist Connexion and, as Covid variant numbers continue to rise, it seems ill-advised to lift all the precautions at RMMC which have kept us safe so far. Therefore, whilst realising it will not please everyone, arrangements will largely remain with the status quo, restrictions easing only very gradually in church, until
there has been time for further consideration of Covid developments, by the next Church Council meeting on 9th September.

A mask may not prevent you from catching Covid but it is indisputable that it is somewhat effective in preventing droplets from your mouth travelling as far as they might, so it reduces the likelihood of spreading the virus more widely. For this reason:


  • We will continue to wear masks in church for the time being but you may sing softly behind your mask!
  • We will also continue to ask you to sanitise your hands upon arrival and to minimise moving around.
  • Ventilation during services will continue, as has been the practice, at least while the warmer weather is here.
  • Initially, seats will also continue to be socially distanced and, in consequence, for now, you will be asked to book if you intend to attend each week (but the distance between seats might on occasion be slightly reduced, to enable a larger number to attend).

Those who have recently returned to worship have, hopefully, felt confident enough in the precautions being taken to continue their attendance; we do want everyone to feel safe.

Obviously if you have any symptoms or feel unwell, please stay at home.

Please book your seats, in advance, but by 6pm on the Saturday; you can do this by emailing
enquiries@rmmc.org.uk or by contacting Eileen on 07881 270747.

Please check the "Your first visit" section and read the news letter off the front page for more details on the current remaining restrictions that we must endure.


Rev. Dr Donghwan Kim